Dear Mircea Cantor

“Hey, just like you, I am also an artist.” I am not sure whether it is a nice greeting. It seems like I can go and say "hi" to Eric Clapton simply for I can play few chords and I am a guitar player as well.

I write to you because you are a respectable artist for me. Also, not long ago I imitated your great work “Deeparture” and even had it shown in a national museum “Taipei Fine Art Museum”(before that, I sold it in a gallery). But, please don’t misunderstand me as a thief and be patient with my following words.

The first time seeing your "Deeparture" was in a school library where many newest international art magazines are available. For this reason, I usually go and somehow hope to be internationalized per month. I still remembered it was the 251th Flash Art which included a fabulous interview of you (I even translated it and put it on my blog). And that was my first time encountering your work. It was too bad I could only see the picture on magazine, so I went to watch “Deeparture” on YouTube. When I saw a snow-white wolf staying with a deer in a white box, some incredible power shocked me instantly. Of course, it was thinkable that even for Discovery crew; no one would not be amazed by such a scene. And my vibration obtaining from your work was for sure would not an easy one to explain to you. But on the other side, my response could not be expected as accurate as what we could get from a professional art worker.  However, due to some simple and real reasons, I surly believe your “Deeparture” is certainly a classical one.

The beauty of "Deeparture" relies on your narrative shot and editing which add great amount of transference catalysis to this disposition. I become a story teller filling up the dialogue box of your image. But after all, the story which nothing really happens makes me a dumb and frustrated audience. Do you know? It is the gap between imagination and image contributing to my intensively pleasant sensation. But the real reason induces me to Imitate will be another case anyway.  

That is, is there a real gap existing between our environments?

I am very curious what that wolf means to you. Is that an unusual spectacle? Is it unbelievable enough for you to consider it as an unusual condition as what it is to me? Let alone the wolf appears in a white box. How did you put that wolf in such a box? It does bite people, doesn't it? And this will be a bashful fact that “where can I catch a wolf in Taiwan?” This question also indicates the distance I need to cross to generate this kind of image. In this sense, the distance between me and your work is not an artistic question; instead, it is a question far more than that. 

It was very embarrassing to face this unsolvable problem. I had to make this poor situation into an advantageous one. I kept thinking, around me, what kind of animal I could use to generate the sense of tense and spectacle of "Deeparture." Then I got it! They are beetle and silkworm, the favorite pets for Taiwan primary school students.

Therefore, I also built a white box model. Let two creatures stay together. Through enlarging the image, I supposed I could interpret the sense of tense in “Deeparture.” Can you imagine? Giant beetle and silkworm, how attractive will they be? As your work, nothing happens till the end.

Yes, I made it. And I knew it as well. The distance between us has no possibility to get over. But I find my object fetishism within this distance. Through the same narrative style, I persistently indulge myself in the quality of these two insects. This is me. An artist who is away from the artistic question, is also your fan.

By the way, my imitative work is called "Deeparthrough." It is still in Taipei Fine Art Museum. For a copier like me, there is no better and more Individualized way to show my respect to you.

Best Regards,

Su, Yu-Hsien